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Do you have the insights you need to make the right decisions? If you struggle to pull salient data points together in a complete, usable format, you’re not alone. infoFluency has been helping organizations assimilate their data for over fifteen years. Knowledgeable leaders are empowered to confidently choose the next best step for their organization, because they can see and understand their data. 

Why infoFluency?

Fractional Business Analyst

We are experts in this space. We will spend time identifying your analytics, meaningful metrics, and reporting needs and will take the time to discuss your goals and answer your business questions.

Data Assessment First

Our initial data assessment will determine if your business platforms and data quality will support the analytics you need. If not, we will provide recommendations.

Sample and Trial Dashboards

You can try our dashboard sample to get a taste of what other businesses find useful. 

Starters for Smaller Budgets

We offer starter services for smaller budgets or businesses that want to try our services first.

Connect to Data

Organizations have data in many places. We connect to the data found in commonly used applications such as Quickbooks, CRMs, social media, websites, databases, PDFs, and spreadsheets. 

Deliver Dashboards

We deliver dashboards directly to your browser, phone, email, text, Slack, and other  common business applications. Organizations can stay aware of the facts with convenient delivery, enabling effective management and quality decision-making.   Access meaningful data from anywhere at any time. 

This year infoFluency is celebrating 15 years helping businesses, startups, and investment firms see and understand their data.

infoFluency is a proud SuperGirls Shine Foundation partner, providing career support to high school and college girls pursuing data analytics and other STEAM disciplines.



Investment Firms