Data Monetization


Data Monetization

Businesses are increasingly finding ways to generate additional revenue streams by productizing data.  There are a variety of ways this is done, including the sale of data sets, the inclusion of data in existing products, and reporting insights drawn from data.   

The terms data monetization and data products are becoming familiar as more and more companies include data in revenue growth strategies. These companies are finding a distinct competitive advantage and are enjoying the fruits of successful data product offerings, particularly those who prioritize visually appealing formats that are easy to understand and use.

At infoFluency, we are helping our clients develop data monetization strategies and establish tactical plans to bring data products to market.  Our clients are enjoying competitive advantages, revenue growth, and new client acquisition as they embed beautiful summaries, insights, industry benchmarks, downloadable data, and meaningful metrics into their products.

Do you have a data monetization strategy?  Are data products on your roadmap?  Do you have a tactical plan to bring data to market?  We can help you compete and grow through the power of data.

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