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Customer Ranking was Rocketfuel for Growth had collected data on their clients & their revenue but like many B2B companies, they weren’t utilizing that data for decision making.  When the infoFluency team started working with them to provide a solution, it was important to provide value quickly.   

We started with a bite-sized piece and chose a customer ranking using invoicing data.  The top ranked customer was a huge surprise.   No one on the exec team knew this customer was spending so much & didn’t have a relationship with them.  A trip was scheduled, the relationship  nurtured, and revenue doubled!  They repeated this with the top 20 customers and implemented an ABM strategy, tripling their company revenue!

Fueled by this success, we went to work on tying in the customer attributes from the CRM.   The ability to see, visually, where the revenue was coming from by industry, sales rep, geography, and lead source was powerful. It enabled the sales team to focus their time, prioritizing the types of customers that were most additive to the business. In addition, it identified a few pockets that had potential to be much more additive, given just bit of attention. This too was very effective in revenue growth. Next we looked at customer retention, lifetime value, and customer duration.

We moved on to product analysis to help the exec team make strategic product decisions like what to retire, what to invest in developing further and what to spend R&D dollars on.   Lastly, we worked on what products to package together for promotional bundles.

Key to the success of these efforts was enabling the exec team to SEE their data in an understandable, visually appealing, accessible manner. Their visualized data is on their phones, on demand, and allows them control over the questions they ask of the data on the fly.

Fast Tracked Leadership Transition

John was stepping into an executive role and needed to understand his new employer’s customer base and where revenue was growing and declining.    In order to be effective in guiding the company’s growth, it was critical that he gain this knowledge.    He discovered that the company was in the same position as most  – they had lots of data that wasn’t readily accessible to him, much less in an understandable format.

infoFluency teamed up with John to enable him to get the information he needed.    Very quickly, he had a customer ranking by their sales amount over the last 5 years, a trend line of all sales, and a map of customer locations that showed the concentration of sales dollars.    This initial work gave him a fast start at understanding the company’s revenue and also uncovered some data quality issues.    These issues were addressed one at a time, each one providing a deeper understanding of the customers and their buying patterns.    Armed with data and knowledge, John went to work on two initiatives: a plan for nurturing the relationships with the largest customers and a targeted focus of the sales team’s efforts.    In less than 6 months, their largest customer had doubled their purchases and sales grew significantly from areas of previously untapped potential!

Successfully Unified Data

A Houston-based industrial products company has good clean data but no way to put it to work to grow revenue.    The infoFluency team combined their invoicing data from Quickbooks with their customer information from Hubspot and provided an on-demand platform that the exec team could use easily.    The VP of Sales is now able to search by customer, location, product type, industry and more to see who is buying (and who is not) and focus the sales team’s efforts very effectively. 

The process to this end-result was done in phases, each one building on the value of the previous.   In order to combine data from Quickbooks and Hubspot, there had to be a matching customer ID added to both platforms.  While the matching ID work was implemented, the company was able to get value from having an accessible way to search and analyze just the invoicing data.    Matching IDs were quickly added first to the largest customers and made available to the company’s team.  The work continued in batches, working down the customer list.    This approach enabled the company to quickly get benefit without a wait for the entire customer base to be matched. 

Data Challenge Conquered!

A growing Texas company had started the work to visualize their revenue and customer data, but some data quality issues were frustrating their efforts.   The infoFluency team tackled the data challenges starting with one that would quickly enable a basic revenue dashboard.    Once the data issues were all resolved (and a process in place to keep the data clean) attention could be devoted to developing the in-depth analyses that the company needed to make growth strategy decisions.   Now armed with deep customer base knowledge, the executives are focusing on acquiring best-fit customers from lead sources that work best for them.  They know the industries their best customers come from, the geographies producing the most revenue, and the sales regions that are struggling to retain customers.  They are well-equipped to capitalize on the areas of greatest growth potential and address issues that are slowing revenue growth.

In the words of the CEO:  “We pull a lot of insight out of our revenue dashboards.  These awesome charts have been SO insightful for us.  We’re able to see things we didn’t see before.  It’s allowed us to see that our core business line is growing at a very brisk rate! And that some of our non-core services are not growing.   That confirms our strategy!

Our first objective was to integrate Hubspot customer information with revenue in QBO.  We can see the source of our revenue and which regions are driving each of those sources.  [We can also see] size of customer company, industry of customers.  We have better disciplines now related to data hygiene that are key to accuracy.”

Robin Sturgis

Robin Sturgis

CEO and Founder of infoFluency
These stories come from years of experience serving companies through data consolidation, data health assessment and execution and visualization.