Data Solutions For Businesses

Access Meaningful Metrics in Real Time

Business leaders want to make astute, timely data-driven decisions, however they struggle to pull all the salient data points together in a complete usable format.  infoFluency’s services have been helping organizations to assimilate their data for over fifteen years. Knowledgeable leaders are empowered to confidently choose the next best step for their organization.

Data Solutions For Business

Understandable Numbers

Measuring the correct metrics is extremely important in managing and growing a business. We help our clients understand what to do with data and how data can be used to reach their business goals.

Organized Data
Is your data organized? Is it clean and efficient? We help our clients organize the data within their apps and systems to drive growth, boost revenue, gain efficiency, and cut costs.
Real-Time Access

Our service connects to the business applications used across an organization, such as accounting, sales, CRM, spreadsheets, and more. Our clients benefit from one access point for metrics, analytics, insights, and a wholistic view of their entire business, all in one easily accessible place.   

Rapid Data-Driven Decisions
Our clients use their data to create efficiency in operations, sales, and customer support.
Confident Data-Driven Decisions

Our clients are empowered to use their data to make decisions on growth strategy, change management, and customer sales and retention.  

The Process

1. Discover & Plan
We gather details on your business objectives, what technology systems you’re currently using, and your desired outcomes. We want to know your unique needs, so we can recommend how data can support you, what system to implement, and make sure you only pay for what you need.
We map out a plan including what sources to connect, how your team can best gather and capture data, and how we recommend organizing your data moving forward.
2. Service Delivery
We provide the setup, process, and support connecting your data sources to dashboards with the most helpful data points.
You receive real-time access to dashboards including the metrics you need to monitor and move your business forward.

See Dashboards in Action

Business Dashboards

Our business package includes dashboards for marketing, sales, and operations. 

Marketing Dashboards

Our marketing package includes dashboards for website, email campaigns, LinkedIn InMail, and social media.

Next Steps

Schedule Intro Call for Customized Options

Schedule a call directly with one of our team members to discuss your business goals and unique analytics needs.  We will design a solution that meets your specific needs for data and analytics services. 

See Pricing Options for Starter Packages

View pricing and package options for starter services and schedule a call or reach out with questions.

Not sure? Send us your information and we will contact you!

We will reach out to schedule a conversation to answer your questions and provide additional information to guide your decision of a fitting service level for your needs.

What Our Clients Say About infoFluency

Read what our clients have to say about their experience working with infoFluency.

Sasha, President, Remote COO

“Robin and her team at infoFluency have created a visually pleasing and easy-to-use platform for Remote COO, allowing us to see our business metrics all in one place.  There is no longer the need to toggle between 5+ open tabs to try and identify trends. All our data is now viewable in one location – on our Remote COO dashboard – where we can drill down as deeply as we’d like to see minute details or pull up to see broader timeline trends. We are now more confident when making key business decisions because we know their basis is on timely, relevant data. It has also greatly aided our efforts to move our business forward and increase our profit margins since we can now pinpoint gaps and make the necessary adjustments. In addition to these important facts, working with Robin was a true delight, as she is as genuine as they come. If you’re looking to gain greater insight into your business and appreciate working with amazing human beings, Robin and infoFluency will not disappoint!”

Sara, Owner, At Home Tutoring

“The infoFluency team has been working with our company for over a year. They’ve been methodical in collecting our data and presenting it to our sales team.  We set a monthly meeting to pore over the compiled reports and set future goals based on the data. I highly recommend the team at infoFluency as a vital partner in analyzing data and setting goals.”