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Portfolio Intelligence

Data visualization tailored for investment portfolios

Investors want  to make astute, timely data-driven decisions, however they struggle to pull all the salient data points together in a complete, usable format.  infoFluency’s Portfolio Intelligence process enables investors to analyze portfolio data, monitor current and prospective investments, report to key stakeholders, and make superior decisions.

inform strategic and competitive decisions​

See all your portfolio and pipeline data in one place.

Our Portfolio Intelligence process enables venture capital firms and consultants, fund of funds, and single-family offices to track multi-level portfolios. Clients can see on-demand dashboards with insights at every level of the portfolio hierarchy as well as across the portfolio by various exposure attributes such as geography, industry, and stage of investment. The process structures, organizes, and stores data from investment reports and transforms it into meaningful analytics.

We’ve helped our clients apply insights to a range of investments with the ability to see and analyze all of their data with our Portfolio Intelligence process.

Knowledgeable Partner

We have years of experience in portfolio reporting and analytics and understand the structure and complexities of investment portfolios.

On-Demand Metrics

Create efficiency with real time access to meaningful analytics at every level of the portfolio, fueled by the capture and transformation of investment report data.

Accurate Analytics

Our process is automated, proven, and applicable to all types of investing models. Data validation is built into every step of the well-developed Portfolio Intelligence process.

Consolidated Data
Use our process for organizing and storing portfolio data from varied sources to bring efficiency to reporting and perform strategic risk and return analysis.

The Process

1. Determine Scale

Determining the scale  of your needs allows us to tailor your analytics to your portfolio.

2. Collect Data
We collect quarterly data from your investment financial statements and transform it into a usable, visual dashboard.
3. See What Matters Most
Slice and dice your data as needed in order to see what matters most.

Why infoFluency

On-demand answers
Specific investment details
Multi-level portfolio analysis
Prospective investment comparisons
Stakeholder reporting
Look-through reporting

Types of Investment Firms We Serve

Family Office
Funds of Funds


Venture Capital


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What Our Clients Say about infoFluency

Read what our clients have to say about their experience working with infoFluency.

“With the help of infoFluency, we were able to take our investor communications to the next level in professionalism and polish.”

“Having great data visualization tools has been super important to our practice. The infoFluency team are masters of these and we wouldn’t have the portfolio insights we have without them.”

“I’ve been able to get on-demand answers to the questions my clients pose in seconds. That kind of knowledge makes me look good.”

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