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Family Office

Family office leaders want  to make astute, timely data-driven decisions, however they struggle to pull all the salient data points together in a complete usable format.  infoFluency’s Portfolio Intelligence process enables leaders to analyze portfolio data across multiple asset classes, monitor current and prospective investments, and build generational wealth.

Family Office

infoFluency’s Portfolio Intelligence process enables Family Offices to track performance across multiple asset classes, in summary and in detail. Access to the data is easy in a user-driven, on-demand portal. Clients enjoy knowledge at their fingertips, clarity that allows a balanced portfolio, and adherence to allocation targets.

Our process connects data from multiple sources and provides a dashboard of the most meaningful metrics.

Multi-Asset Class

Summarization of the whole portfolio with drill down to each asset class

CFO Reporting

Support for the family office CFO’s reports and reconciliations

The Process

In-Depth Discovery

Our first step is to understand your goals and recommend a metrics plan so you can use your data effectively. Customized analytics are tailored to your portfolio structure, size, and budget.

Design Dashboard & Connect Data

Our next step is to connect all data sources and design a user experience and dashboard to show metrics that matter most in a useful, sharable format. Our customized approach allows investors to slice and dice data so you can answer unique questions in real-time. 

Test & Delivery

Our process includes testing and modifying as needed and training for team interaction.