Funds of Funds

Most Funds of Funds have portfolio data in disparate locations and need a single source of truth to get on-demand answers to performance questions.  infoFluency provides investors with easily accessible knowledge.  We have 15 years of experience in fund of funds portfolio look-through reporting and analytics and we understand the structure and complexities of multi-tiered portfolios.

Funds of Funds

infoFluency’s Portfolio Intelligence process enables Fund of Funds managers to track and analyze multi-level portfolio data with look through to underlying investment activity. Clients can see on-demand dashboards with insights at every level of the portfolio hierarchy as well as across the portfolio by various exposure attributes such as geography, industry, and stage of investment.

Our process connects data from multiple sources including hard to mine PDFs and provides answers in dashboard form.

Look Through Detail

Experience ease of access to information on the underlying investments in a fund of funds portfolio, down to the investment round.

Custom Analytics

Find answers to the unique questions managers ask of their portfolio data.

Fundraising Analytics

Track fundraising efforts and progress toward goal fund size.


Track prospective deals and decision-making criteria in one easily accessible place.

The Process

Determine Scale

Analytics are tailored to the multi-level portfolio.

Collect Data

Quarterly data is collected from investment financial statements and transformed into usable, visual dashboards.

See What Matters Most

Clients slice and dice data to answer unique questions and access metrics that matter most.