Portfolio Company

Startup founders need to make astute, timely, data-driven decisions and efficiently report to investors; however they struggle to pull all the salient data points together in a usable format.  infoFluency’s clients are knowledgeable leaders, empowered to confidently choose the next best step for their organization through the aid of their well-organized and accessible data.

Our experience includes business intelligence and offers options specific to unique business models such as SaaS. 

Portfolio Company

infoFluency’s Business Intelligence process enables Portfolio Companies to track analytics across all business functions, in summary and in detail. A user-driven and on-demand portal enables the business leader to be informed, make decisions, and communicate to stakeholders.

Our process connects data from multiple sources and provides dashboards of the most meaningful metrics.

Business Intelligence

Track metrics across business functions for operational excellence and strategic decision making.


Gather data and report metrics to potential investors.


Track and report metrics specific to a SaaS business model.

The Process

Determine Scale

Analytics are tailored to the business structure and size.

Collect Data

Data from multiple business applications is connected to provide a single source of truth for the organization’s most meaningful metrics.

See What Matters Most

Clients slice and dice data to answer unique questions and access metrics that matter most in a useful, sharable format.