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Venture Capital

Fractional analyst services for data-focused investors

infoFluency’s Portfolio Intelligence process enables Venture Capitalists to track analytics across multiple investments in summary and in detail. Access to your data is easy in a user-driven, on-demand portal. Enjoy a seamless flow of investment data that provides knowledge at your fingertips, empowering you to efficiently evaluate deals, mitigate risk, and maximize returns.

Customized Approach to Analytics 

With most data visualization services, you can download static charts and reports but do not have the flexibility to seek answers to business questions. Our custom approach provides reports and insights and allows you to change the metrics you see. Our Portfolio Intelligence process is the right fit for the curious, questioning, and data-driven business leader.

Scalable and Cost-Efficient Analytics

You might need access to accurate, complex analyses, but don’t have the budget for a customized approach. With our starter analytics packages, you do not have to sacrifice quality for cost. Our scalable services include industry tailored tools for your analyst or comprehensive services as an extension of your team. 

Customized and starter analytics

Our starter analytics packages offer cost-efficient solutions for data visualization. Our customized approach offers opportunities to slice and dice your data as needed. 


Our single, ready-to-use dashboard offers data visualization with live data connection. These interactive metrics are available on demand.  

  • Summary metrics
  • Portfolio Company ranking
  • Portfolio map
  • Value progressions

Starter Plus

Our starter plus offering is an on-demand, ready-to-use collection of dashboards with a live data connection.

  • Portfolio concentration
  • Ranked change over prior period
  • Risk return analysis
  • Thesis specific diversification
  • Portfolio company tear sheet
  • Current quarter action board
  • Data table
  • Data management 

Customized & Embedded

Our customized services allow answers to unique portfolio questions offering an interactive, searchable, and on-demand approach. 


Optional additional features are available for every solution.  

  • Branding
  • Mobile optimization 
  • Advanced interactivity
  • Data research
  • Benchmarks
  • Custom analysis

Trusted by the Industry

We have over 15 years of experience working with venture capital firms and understand the structure and complexities of the Venture Capital industry.   

The Process

In-Depth Discovery

Our first step is to understand your goals and recommend a metrics plan so you can use your data effectively. Customized analytics are tailored to your portfolio structure, size, and budget.

Design Dashboard & Data Connection

Our next step is to connect all data sources and design a user experience and dashboard to show metrics that matter most in a useful, sharable format. Our customized approach allows investors to slice and dice data so you can answer unique questions in real-time. 

Test & Delivery

Our process includes testing and modifying as needed and training for team interaction. 

Services for Startups

Many investors spend precious time requesting data and metrics updates from startup founders. Our services for startups take the pain out of this process and put this data directly in the investor’s hands.

See Dashboards in Action

Venture Capital Starter Demo

View dashboards specific to venture capital that support building portfolio scenarios, tracking dealflow, and monitoring portfolio performance, hosted securely in an on-demand interactive portal.

Next Steps

Schedule Intro Call for Customized Options

Schedule a call directly with one of our team members to discuss your business goals and unique analytics needs.  We will design a solution that meets your specific needs for data and analytics services. 

See Pricing Options for Starter Packages

View pricing and package options for starter services and schedule a call or reach out with questions.

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